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Join Erica on this unstoppable journey to confront and elevate your mental patterns.

A guided introduction to Kundalini's notorious 40-day practice.

As always, design is weaved into her led experiences with a beautiful 40-day track sheet and daily initiations to push you past perceived blocks and build happy long-lasting habits.

“Is your spiritual path a hobby,
an intellectual interest, or a true devotion?”



Workshop One


Prime yourself to practice daily ranging from 1 to 62 minutes. See yourself as unstoppable and your practice as a gift. Repeat the first set for 14 days. 


Workshop Two


Face all the fears and issues of low self-esteem that cause you to undermine your empowerment and success. Repeat the second set for 14 days.


Workshop Three


Learning to trust the inherent wisdom of your heart is one of the greatest gifts of a Kundalini dedication. Repeat the final set for 12 days.


D E S I G N E D    T O    T R A N S F O R M    Y O U    D A Y    B Y    D A Y

Expect short, succinct practices of physical movement, powerful breathwork, and calming meditation with real long-lasting impact. 

Learn With Me

A 40-day practice looks at the laws of behavior change, inspires you to act in a certain way, and gives you a new way to think about your habits.


"A 40-day practice was my worst nightmare. I would start out strong and fail before finishing. Yuck. Erica reshaped my view on this notorious Kundalini practice and got me back on the horse! She coached me on how to design my environment so I wasn't fighting against old cues. Plus her attractive way of tracking my progress became habit-forming and got me seeing who I really am. And who I really am is NOT a failure!"
- Brooke M.

Ten Bodies

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Sat Kriya

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Starts 13 Oct

The entire course speaks to the heritage, history, mantra, mudras, and energy output Kundalini yoga is known for.

This October, I invite you to a 40-day journey of breath, meditation, and dynamic movement to bring you to a place of inner vibrancy.


Don't worry, you can still join Level Three without having completed L1 + L2. But I highly recommend that you make use of the discounted bundle, and enjoy the carefully crafted printouts designed for L1+L2.

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Given that you are more dependent on vision than on any other sense, this 40-day track sheet becomes your greatest catalyst for new behavior.

A small change in what you see leads to a big shift in what you do. Imagine how important it is to live and practice in an environment filled with productive cues. 

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Formulate a plan for when and where you want to do your practice over the coming 40-days.


C O M P L E T E   T H E   F O L L O W I N G   S E N T E N C E:  

L E T   M E   B E   Y O U R   G U I D E   


J A M E S  C L E A R , Author of Atomic Habits

“Give your habits a time and a space to live in the world. The goal is to make the time and location so obvious that, with enough repetition, you get an urge to do the right thing at the right time, even if you can’t say why. 


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