Create an extraordinary digital experience that makes a lasting impact on your students.


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"The first group session gave me tears in my eyes; To be connected with so many like-minded teachers. And for someone to hold space for us. And next to your amazing content, the little tips and tricks that have been shared were so good!"


Stop feeling like everything has already been done before. 

Are you sitting there stuck, despite knowing you've got a brilliant idea and lots to share?

It's time to shine and be recognized.

Don't hold yourself back from the success you deserve.

You're a hidden gem with valuable skills people are eager to pay for.

Come out of hiding, and embrace your potential. I'm here to help you master this skill.

I understand the importance of originality.

This is why my fresh and unique approach to course creation goes beyond the ordinary. With innovative strategies that set your digital product apart, we will pay attention to the details that make all the difference.

Whether you are rebranding an existing course or launching a new one, this is your opportunity to excel! 

2 OCT 
On Discovery

Learn the four-step framework to uncover your purpose, people, perspective, and promise. Ditch the cold pitch and embrace a warm and personalized approach to attract and contain the right people.

 9 OCT
On Definition

Apply course mechanics, sketch out your framework, and move your clients through intentional engagements from creation to containment.

16 OCT
On Direction

Explore the numerous ways to shape your offering with REAL curriculum to cherry-pick from your signature product and prevent reinventing the wheel every time.

23 OCT
On Delivery

Define your graphic and launch goals to create visual assets and check out pages that not only convert but make you feel like a pro.

Let's get to work!

Are you ready to create a transformative digital product?


I loved the course and how gracefully you embrace design and give us a new lens to look through when applying creativity to our teaching practice. I think back to the teachings and consult my manual every week when feeling into inspiration for my classes.



is where you need to be if you’re ready to:

 Focus on what truly matters

Shift your attention from creating more content, websites, and ads. Let's refine your offer and get crystal clear on its value to sell it confidently.

Express Your Creative Edge

Embrace my fresh and innovative strategies that go beyond the ordinary. It's time to add some pizzazz and create a digital product that stands out from the rest.

Find your Authentic Mojo

Discover your unique voice, style, and expertise. Let your personality shine through and create a course that reflects the true you.

Connect with your Dream Team

Your people are out there waiting for you. Identify your ideal students and tailor your course to meet their needs. You're the missing puzzle piece they've been searching for.

Leave a Mark

Watch the magic unfold as your knowledge helps students overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Become a catalyst for change and leave a lasting impact.

Join the Fun-Sized Community

Join forces with a supportive community of teachers and leaders who share your passion. Share laughs, gain insights, and collaborate on the journey together.

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Serve your waiting clients with unwavering confidence.

Let's find the clarity you've been seeking.

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A Thank You Letter

"I just wanted to reach out and say a big warm thank you for sharing all of your wonderful gifts and teachings. It so lovely the way you have cultivated a relationship with yoga and design and on top of all that magic your generosity of spirit to share it so gracefully with the world. You are going to inspire a whole new generation of teachers to stay close to the beauty of yoga and art, it's truly a privilege to know of you and to be close to your work."



Four easy-to-digest sessions to ensure you finish your digital product in record time.



Four elegantly guided live sessions, each spanning two hours via Zoom.

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Access to our Angelus Advanced Learning Platform

Reserve 2 hours weekly for the live virtual learning sessions

Set aside an additional 2-3 hours per week for your personal writing and creation process

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Dear Future Teachers and Educators,

 I understand firsthand the challenges and pressures that come with creating a digital product. It can feel overwhelming, and that's why I've dedicated considerable time and thought to develop a step-by-step guidance system just for you. You can trust me to lead you through every crucial step of this creative process.
I believe in breaking down complex concepts into manageable chunks, ensuring that you not only grasp the material but also feel empowered and inspired throughout the method. Together, we will navigate the world of course creation with clarity and ease, removing any roadblocks that stand in your way.
We are going to create something remarkable! Have faith in your innate abilities! 
I will be there every step of the way, providing you with the tools, strategies, and unwavering support you need to bring your vision to life.
With enthusiasm and dedication,
Join me on this exhilarating journey of course creation.

Let's navigate your digital landscape together, one digestible session at a time.