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Welcome to an experiential journey of 28 yoga classes, talks, and meditations through a seven-chakras, seven-month membership. 

A brilliant community of over 900 chakra lovers brings Erica's book, Angelus to life on the mat!

As you make your way from class 1 to class 28,

you’ll find a deeper connection to yourself inside and out.

Chakra One

ROOT · MULADHARA ·  S t a r t   t o d a y 

kundalini + vinyasa + restorative


馃枻 Class One · BOUNDARIES · from lack of self to sovereignty. Establish a sense of independence and energetic autonomy.

馃枻 Class Two ·TRUTH · from falsehood to reality. Teach your body radical honesty.

馃枻 Class Three · HAUNTINGS · from past to present. Find holes in your past, apply new boundaries, and retell your story.


Chakra Two

SACRAL · SVADHISTANA ·  S t a r t   t o d a y  

kundalini + mandala vinyasa + yin


馃寠 Class One · EMOTE · from immature to mature. Unmemorize self-limiting beliefs.

馃寠 Class Two · DESIRE · from imitation to originality. Follow feel-good sensations.

馃寠 Class Three · SUBTLE· from rational to intuitive. Become sensitive to creative energy.


Chakra Three

SOLAR · MANIPURA  ·  S t a r t   t o d a y 

vinyasa + kundalini + yin


馃敟 Class One · CONFIDENCE · Vinyasa · from dull to illuminated. Gain unwavering confidence.

馃敟 Class Two · TRANSFORMATION · from breakdown to breakthrough. Slow-burning centering breathwork.

馃敟 Class Three · PURPOSE · from loathing to soulful. Twisting to teach the importance of stamina and self-discipline.

Chakra Four

HEART · ANAHATA ·  6  M a r c h 

kundalini + yin + vinyasa


馃挆 Class One · CONNECT · from sabotage to repair. Direct love and care back into your heart.

馃挆 Class Two · FORGIVE · from grief to growth. Address discomfort from self-blame or disapproval.

馃挆 Class Three · BALANCE · from fragmented to whole. The grace of your femininity and focused pace of your masculinity both present.

Chakra Five

THROAT · VISHUDDHA · 4 A p r i l 

mantra meditation + ecstatic dance + kundalini


馃挔 Class One · SPEAK · from mute to asking. Sense a shift in your tone.

馃挔 Class Two · FREEDOM · from timid to free. Learn to express yourself in new ways.

馃挔 Class Three · CONTRIBUTE · from individual to collective. Teach your voice how to be fearlessly creative.


Chakra Six

THIRD EYE  ·  ANJA  ·  2  M a y 

kundalini + journaling + vinyasa


馃憗 Class One · VISION · from blocked to clear. Allow your imagination to flourish.

馃憗 Class Two · LIFE DESIGN · from idle to imaginative. Bravely state what you want.

馃憗 Class Three · FLOW · from disoriented to directed. Practice putting your vision into action.

Chakra Seven

CROWN  ·  SAHASRARA   ·  6  J u n e 

vinyasa + yoga nidra + ceremony


馃憫 Class One · KNOW · from burden to bliss. Access Universal intelligence.

馃憫 Class Two · TRANSCEND · from human to spirit. Build a close relationship with the Universe.

馃憫 Class Three · CEREMONY · from ordinary to sacred. Celebrate the season with intentional tarot.

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Chakra  Journal : The Companion to Angelus 

Now exclusively offered in combination with the Chakra membership.
A beloved keepsake, recording your own 7-month chakra journey, The Angelus Journal will prompt you to express all that you hold within your energy centers and discover what it means to actualize the truest expression of you.





Angelus Chakra Community

For the chakra curious.

  • Every month a new chakra, starting from the Root, up to the Crown. 

  • Access to the Community Chakra App led by Erica for exchanging inspiration & feedback from your phone
  • Monthly Chakra Study drop-ins $44
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Seven Chakras + Journal

For the 7-chakra membership journey 
with access through June. 

  • Every month a new chakra, starting from the Root, up to the Crown. 

  • One Live Community Call per month

  • Angelus Chakra Journal (digital)

  • Access to three pre-recorded classes per month

  • Three Spotify playlists per chakra

  • Community Chakra App led by Erica for exchanging inspiration & feedback from your phone

  • Bonus 30-minute sequence




Seven Chakras + Journal + Book bundle + Audio

For the full 7-chakra membership journey
with access through June. 
(payment plans available upon request)

  • Every month a new chakra, starting from the Root, up to the Crown. 

  • One Live Community Call per month

  • Angelus Chakra Journal (digital)

  • Access to three pre-recorded classes per month

  • Three Spotify playlists per chakra

  • Community Chakra App led by Erica for exchanging inspiration & feedback from your phone

  • Bonus 30-minute sequence

  • One copy of Angelus : experiential workbook

  •  Deck of Art of Attention healing cards

  •  Bonus monthly on-the-go audio sequences 

From Erica:

Welcome to the practice I come back to year after year. Introducing the new and upgraded Chakra Studies. 

Join me on this wild ride.



Hear from the others:

Erica’s teachings are a breath of fresh air. They give me confidence to trust my unique self.

- V A Y U

I am so grateful to stumble upon your teachings. Thank you for your warm wisdom and honesty.

- Y V E T T E

I love how Erica can weave chakras, kundalini, meditation, dance, journaling, and intimate conversation into one beautiful package. 

- L I S A

Get step-by-step guidance from Erica's world-class instructions and learn through feeling. 

You will walk away with everything you need to transform your pain into purpose.

1. Pick your Membership

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email with all the information needed to take your next step.

2. Print your Journal

Did you purchase the Chakra Journal? You would have received an email with a downloadable PDF with instructions on printing US Letter or A4 versions. 

3. Join the Community Chakra App

Download the app on your phone and watch the chakra rooms open with insightful discussions and chakra study reflections.

4. Practice One Live Class per Month

Classes open with a 7-minute meditation, 15-minute wisdom talk, awakening Q+A, and 30-minute led sequence by Erica.

5. Track your Progress

Move at your own pace through the Chakra Journal synchronized with the Full and New Moons to inspire magic-aligned practices at home.

6. Be held Accountable

Erica will lead discussions in the Community Chakra App to ensure you stay focused on your next level. 

7. Begin Again

Well done! You have done the work of reprogramming all seven chakras. Lean on and trust your own understanding and create a new path. 

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