In 4 easy steps create your own yoga style to help your students transform with ease.


V I R T U A L - C O U R S E

Angelus Teacher Enhancement Course


Four Sessions, 2-hours each 




"The first group session gave me tears in my eyes; To be connected with so many like-minded teachers. And for someone to hold space for us. And next to your amazing content, the little tips and tricks that have been shared were so good!"


Session One
On Vision + Vortices

On the system of the Chakras and how to effectively teach the concepts in your own work. On creating a vision for your teaching.

Session Two
On Listening + Language

On languaging the relevant truths of your own practice in service of your students. On listening practices, your teaching voice, and inspirations.

Session Three
On Design + Leadership

On designing your attitudes, and your emotional stances with Asanaglyphs methodology. On love as leadership and shared expression.

Session Four
On Boundaries + Intimacy

On the interesting boundaries in Kundalini Krya sequencing. On how to use your work to stay close to yourself and create the necessary intimacy to be a great teacher and leader.

Calling All Teachers

Learn how to incorporate Kundalini Yoga without being certified.



"I loved the course and how gracefully you embrace design and give us a new lens to look through when applying creativity to our teaching practice. I think back to the teachings and consult my manual every week when feeling into inspiration for my classes."



Whether you are a fresh or established leader, longing for a place to ask questions, and ready to inspire people with your passionate work, this 8-hour enhancement course helps you create your teaching vision, in your own way.

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S T U D E N T - L O V E

A Thank You Letter


"I just wanted to reach out and say a big warm thank you for sharing all of your wonderful gifts and teachings. It so lovely the way you have cultivated a relationship with yoga and design and on top of all that magic your generosity of spirit to share it so gracefully with the world. You are going to inspire a whole new generation of teachers to stay close to the beauty of yoga and art, it's truly a privilege to know of you and to be close to your work."




Four elegantly guided sessions, two hours each recorded via Zoom, to ensure you stay in practice and ready to lead.

Reserve weekly, 2-hours to learn virtually, plus 2-3 hours for practice and creating on your own.

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Includes a well designed 56-page immersive workbook with daily creative actions, inspirational quotes, artful assignments, and heart-felt practices. This Course ManualĀ comesĀ in a Letter and A4 format PDF for you to print single-sided or booklet layout.

For over a year, I felt a calling to share my teaching knowledge from leading retreats and speaking at large events with a broader audience. I'm infusing all my learnings into four thoughtfully designed, easy-to-digest sessions to inspire the leader in you. If you can't make it live, don't worry, recordings are available to you!


You know those instances where you feel like the teacher is speaking directly to you? That is precisely what we are going for! You will complete this course with excitement, inspiration, and increased clarity as a leader.


If you know me, you know how much I value design. May the remarkable teacher's manual included in this course be your companion for many years to come! Including 13 homeopathic doses of Kundalini kriyas and meditations to incorporate into your own yoga classes. 


This course is near and dear to my heart. Expect a connection to your creative feminine side, a shift in your tone, and new confidence to hold space for your students with your authentic voice.

Thank you for taking this leap with the rest of the devotees and me.

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May this be your starting point to manifest your teaching vision.