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Initiate your at-home spiritual practice with this experiential chakra workbook!

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"This book is MAGIC! Angelus is filled with colorful & beautiful artwork. Every page is a masterpiece. The content is well-written and researched. Filled with yoga classes, self-inquiry prompts, and vivid stories. I am absolutely in love with this book.


About the Book 

Angelus is an experiential chakra workbook that goes beyond the intellectual understanding of the chakras. It presents emotionally-connected yoga and visually powerful art as a means to see and feel your body’s wisdom.

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About Us

We are Erica Jago and Roos van der Kamp, two artists and yoginis, passionate about the emotional lessons that come from engaging in the creative process and the ancient practice of yoga. Together we created Angelus.

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"Inspiring, Truthful, Powerful, Transformative. If you want to reach into the depths of your soul and bring out your authentic, majestic, creative, and truest self, then this is the book/experience for you. I can’t get enough!

—Ann M. 

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Yoga, spirituality, and art in one!
The beautiful design almost makes you forget it also contains very practical exercises. Each chapter highlights a chakra and takes you on a journey of self-discovery. An inspiring gift to yourself or someone you love.

— M Y R N A
From Erica:

S O L A R   C H A K R A 


Practice this series of side body openers and gain unwavering confidence in your practice and your actions. Take your time with postures to examine the release of your weaknesses and consciously focus on your innate strengths. This practice is inspired by chapter 3.1 in Angelus and was recorded as part of the Chakra Study Sundays series.


Style Vinyasa
Level Advanced
Duration 70 minutes



S A C R A L   C H A K R A 


Get intimate with your intuition in this Mandala Vinyasa class for discovering your deepest desires. As you move through a continuous, full circle on your mat, generate a suppleness in your body to charge new inspirations. This practice is based on chapter 2.2 in Angelus and was recorded as part of the Chakra Study Membership available here.


Style Mandala Vinyasa
Level All Levels
Duration 79 minutes



Seven Chakras  

While turning the pages, you learn about the chakras in your body from root to crown.

As is the case with these powerful energy centers, each chapter is starkly different on a visual, physical, and emotional level. Art intuitively communicates, unlocking new ways of thinking and elevating the way you see reality. By addressing your intuition with visually powerful art and emotionally connected yoga, you experience how the chakras open like doorways into various worlds of ancient wisdom.

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The seven chakra-based chapters:

1. Be

Muladhara is located at the base of your spine. It is the first of the seven chakras, forming the foundation on which the other energy centers in your body function. Anytime you feel settled, calm and secure, this center is in balance. In English, it is called the Root Chakra. It governs your right to BE.


2. Feel

In your lower belly, below your navel and above your sexual organs and womb, your second chakra Svadisthana is found. Each time you feel motivated, passionate and graceful, this center is in balance. In English, it is called the Sacral Chakra. It manages your right to FEEL.


3. Dare

Manipura is your third chakra located at your core where your ribs emerge above your solar plexus. Anytime you feel proud, reliable and confident, this energy center is in healthy alignment. In English, it is called the Solar Plexus Chakra. It rules your right to DARE.


4. Love

Located in your chest at the level of your heart and lungs, extending down your arms and hands, Anahata is your fourth chakra. Anytime you feel warmth and empathy for something or someone, this chakra is wide open. In English, it is called the Heart Chakra. It accentuates your right to LOVE.


5. Speak

Vishuddha is your fifth chakra, located at the base of your neck, then moving up the cylinder of your throat to your mouth, chin, and ears. Anytime you feel heard and able to communicate change and healing, Vishuddha is open. In English, it is called the Throat Chakra. It handles your ability to SPEAK.


6. See

At the bridge of your nose, between your eyebrows in the geometric center of your brain is your place of subtle perception. Here houses Ajna, the sixth chakra, also known as the Third Eye Chakra. Each time you feel in tune with your dreams, this energy center is aligned. It manages your right to SEE.


7. Know

Three months after you were born, the soft spot on the top of your head adjusted and closed. At this place, Sahasrara, the seventh chakra is found. Any time you feel that everything is interconnected and that you are a part of the larger web of life, this chakra is open. In English, it is called the Crown Chakra. It channels your right to KNOW. 

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Our Story

We are Erica Jago and Roos van der Kamp, two artists and yoginis, passionate about the emotional lessons that come from engaging in the creative process and the ancient practice of yoga.

When we met in 2013, we were both enduring some of the toughest times in our lives. Through the course of our friendship, having a consistent yoga practice, while studying the psychological and energetic language of the chakras, helped us transform our deepest pains. We finally understood how to resource the answers from within.

In 2015, we realized we were ready to be of service and combine our desire to share our transformations in an utterly creative way. Together, we dreamed of creating something practical, yet beautiful - a contemporary chakra workbook to inspire others on their journey from pain to peace.

In 2017, the opportunity to realize this dream became a reality. Through our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, we raised over $50,000 in thirty days to produce and print this book. The bookmaking process took over years of dedication as we chose to make every chapter a work of art, creating a visual frequency that speaks archetypically, spiritually, and imaginatively.

As we continue our mission to make a healing impact through the creativity of this book, we are honored and humbled to support you in experiencing devotional moments in the comfort of your home. We hope that these practices inspire you to live fully and love deeply.

Strengthen & open your entire body, from root to crown.