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Charka Study Bundle - Root to Crown

We created Angelus, a book designed to guide you through the 21 profound chakra sequences. Now, you have the opportunity to practice these sequences with me through recorded classes, offering you the flexibility to learn and grow at your own pace.

Practice with me, anytime, anywhere.

Open your body and balance your energy with 7 unique bundles, taking you on a journey through each chakra, ending with a special ceremony class.

By completing each chakra bundle, you will:
- Learn more about the seven chakras
- Balance your physical & emotional energies
- Experience a variety of unique classes including Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Restorative, Ecstatic Dance, Journaling, and Ceremony.

What to Expect:

  • Each session opens with a 15-minute discussion to help you move more attuned
  • 60-minute physical practice with creative sequencing
  • Enjoy breathwork
  • Guided meditation
  • Curated Spotify playlists by Erica
  • Chakra Oil scent recommendations. 
  • A total of 21 on-demand practices. 
  • Lifetime access


21 Classes, 7 Chakras: 


馃枻 BOUNDARIES  Kundalini  from lack of self to sovereignty. Establish a sense of independence and energetic autonomy.

馃枻 TRUTH Vinyasa  from falsehood to reality. Teach your body radical honesty.

馃枻 HAUNTINGS  Restorative  from past to present. Find holes in your past, apply new boundaries, retell your story.


馃寠  EMOTE 路 Yin/Kundalini 路 from immature to mature. Unmemorize self-limiting beliefs.

馃寠  DESIRE 路 Mandala Vinyasa 路 from imitation to originality. Follow feel-good sensations. 

馃寠  SUBTLE  Yin 路 from rational to intuitive. Become sensitive to creative energy.


馃敟 CONFIDENCE 路 Vinyasa 路 from dull to illuminated. Gain unwavering confidence in your actions.

馃敟 TRANSFORMATION 路 Kundalini + Yin  from breakdown to breakthrough. Slow-burning practice using centering breathwork

馃敟 PURPOSE 路 Kundalini + Vinyasa  from loathing to soulful. Teach the importance of stamina and self-discipline


馃挆 路 CONNECT 路 Kundalini + Journaling  from sabotage to repair, Direct love and care back into your heart.

馃挆 路 FORGIVE 路 Restorative + Yin 路 from grief to growth. Address discomfort from self-blame or disapproval.

馃挆 路 BALANCE 路 Vinyasa 路 from fragmented to whole. Let both the grace of your femininity and the focused pace of your masculinity be present within you.


馃挔 SPEAK 路 Mantra Meditation + Journaling 路 from mute to asking. Speak and listen at the same time to sense a shift in your tone.

馃挔 FREEDOM 路 Ecstatic Dance 路 from timid to free. Learn to express yourself in new ways.

馃挔 CONTRIBUTE  路  Kundalini 路 from individual to the collective. Teach your voice how to be creative and fearless.


馃憗  VISION 路 Kundalini 路 from blocked to clear. Allow your imagination to flourish.

馃憗  LIFE DESIGN 路 Pranayama + Journaling 路 from idle to imaginative. Bravely state what you want.

馃憗 FLOW  Vinyasa 路 from disoriented to directed. Practice putting your vision into action.


馃憫  KNOW 路 Vinyasa + Mantra路 from burden to bliss. Access Universal intelligence. 

馃憫 TRANSCEND 路 Yoga Nidra + Journaling 路 from human to spirit. Build a close relationship with the Universe. 

馃憫 CEREMONY  Tarot 路 from ordinary to sacred. Celebrate the season with intention.


May this journey be an enriching, ever-unfolding experience. I look forward to savoring this book and you for many moons to come.