House of Yoga Bundle


Four Styles, Four Sessions

Feel loved and in a state of flow. 

Class One  馃枻  GENTLE FLOW 路 Hatha 路 30 minutes 

We have an enormous capacity to give, uplift, and manage, yet we have a harder time receiving. Find refuge in moments of quiet heart and hip openers to regain the balance and replenishment we crave. 


Class Two   馃枻   I AM LOVE 路 Meditation  10 minutes

Erica leads a short meditation that invites you to feel the deep love of Existence that has been with you all this journey. Even at times when you denied it and pushed it back, it always was there for you. As you sit, replace any thought that arises with the mantra Aham Prema (I am Love).

Class Three  馃枻 SIMPLFY AND GROUND 路 Vinyasa 路 32 minutes

Grounding is the dynamic process of resting the body in the here and now to allow our vitality to resurface. Establish a strong connection to the Earth through fluid hip openers, standing postures, and forward folds to get the sense that our movements can slow down time.


Class Four  馃枻 FLOW STATE 路 Vinyasa 路 34 minutes

Turn off the critical part of your brain to experience a state of flow where inspiration and creativity come forth spontaneously. Sequence includes creative transitions to release the neck and shoulders, side body opening, and ends with forward folds and inversions.    

Repeat to yourself:
I can recieve.
I am love.
I am resurfacing.
I am experiencing a state of flow. 

What to Expect:

  • Beautifully filmed sessions with verbal cueing to help you move more attuned
  • 30-minute physical practice with creative sequencing, including Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Restorative
  • Enjoy breathwork
  • Guided meditation


R E G I S T R A T I O N :
Each class is a stand-alone lesson or can progressively build on the next.

I N V E S T M E N T :
44$ USD for four classes.




$44.00 USD

Chakra Journal : The Companion to Angelus 

Now exclusively offered only to my yoga students.
A beloved keepsake, recording your own 7-month chakra journey, The Angelus Journal will prompt you to express all that you hold within your energy centers and discover what it means to actualize the truest expression of you.