Know 路 Seventh Chakra Studies

Associated with bliss, the Crown Chakra allows you to experience what is beyond the mundane. 

Any time you feel that everything is interconnected and that you are a part of the larger web of life, Sahasrara is open.

This edition builds on SAHASRARA, the center from which you sense subtleties and gestures from a higher source that guides your every step.

Three Classes, One Chakra: 

馃憫  路 KNOW 路 Vinyasa + Mantra路 from burden to bliss. Access Universal intelligence.


馃憫 路 TRANSCEND 路 Yoga Nidra + Journaling 路 from human to spirit. Build a close relationship with the Universe.


馃憫 路 CEREMONY  Tarot 路 from ordinary to sacred. Celebrate the season with intention.

What to Expect:

  • Each session opens with a 15-minute discussion to help you move more attuned
  • 75-minute physical practice with creative sequencing
  • Enjoy breathwork
  • Guided meditation
  • Three curated Spotify playlists by Erica 

Repeat to yourself:

I sleep with lucid awareness.

I embrace the messages I receive.

I know.

R E G I S T R A T I O N :
Each class progressively builds on the next. Classes were taught live on Zoom and recorded for you. All content lives in your Kajabi Course Library for life!

I N V E S T M E N T :
44$ USD for three classes via Paypal and Credit Card.


Beyond thrilled to have your presence! Enjoy.


All practices in this mini-course are based on my latest book Angelus, in creative collaboration with Roos van der Kamp. 



$44.00 USD

Chakra Journal : The Companion to Angelus 

Now exclusively offered as a downloadable pdfA beloved digital keepsake, recording your chakra journey, The Angelus Journal will prompt you to express all that you hold within your energy centers and discover what it means to actualize your truest expression.

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